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LMS/E-Learning Platform

Patnet Tech has partnered with a world-class Learning Management Systems (LMS), to offer interactive learning environments encompass a unique blend of Digital Training Technology and content that promises to revolutionize the learning industry.

Course Convention

Course Content Conversion

Convert and Updates existing traditional content to e-learning platform. Outline The Learning Path To Keep Your Learners Motivated And On Track.

LMS Key features:

  • Assessments Engine – Support for Multiple type of questions and variety of test type. Extensive reporting on test result. 
  • Budges & Certificate – Award Certificates based on quiz/test performance, completing a course or both.
  • Integrated Webinar -Virtual Conferences & Summits – Live streaming and virtual events
  • Zoom Integrated –Manage zoom conferences, schedule conferences and webinars.
  • LMS Chats – Students consult with teacher and students of same course. There can be file exchange with chatters.
  • Discussion Forums – Encourage the conversation among learners by adding a course specific discussion forums.
  • Attendance Add-On – Attendance is the most important part of any learning management system. 
  • Transcripts – Offer an ocial record of a student performance in multiple courses. 
  • Automated Notications -Automatically trigger e-mails based on actions learners take.
  • Printable reports –Facilitators can provide their students with printable progress reports .
  • Assign multiple Facilitators – Share course management responsibility among multiple facilitators/instructors. The admin can assign other facilitator to the course having the same subject knowledge.

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Learning Management Systems

A. The genius of LMS lies in its ability to adapt and evolve over time: We have designed it to handle all types of learning scenarios, from lecture-style classroom teaching to hands-on, real-world experience. You will have the best learning experience whether you work in a traditional classroom, online, or in a distance education setting.
B. The Flexible Nature of a powerful LMS System: Patnetech e Learning companies in south Africa can configure our software into many flexible learning management systems that complement each other. This versatility allows teachers to switch from one model to another while maintaining the courses’ quality and structure. Teachers can modify modules as needed, allowing for individualized learning experiences for students
C. We build Patnetech LMS on the feedback from our customers: Its multiple modules and features allow teachers to collect and collate their students’ ideas, allowing them to share constructive criticism and assess student progress. It also allows teachers to adjust management systems based on actual data collected from students. This will ensure that you only teach what the students want to learn.
D. Self-reliance: A critical factor for every teacher is a healthy sense of self-reliance. Without a built-in source of flexibility, self-reliance becomes difficult. However, GMS provides a host of mechanisms and features that will allow users to easily create their own stand-alone learning systems flexible enough to meet each student’s individual needs.
E. Effective Lesson Delivery: Effective lesson delivery is a prerequisite for successful learning. But if you cannot teach the lessons the way you intended, you are not making any progress. Learning Management Systems LMS can help identify areas of workflow that need streamlining to maximize learning. They have the means to reformulate, revise, or delete lessons as necessary and can even edit lessons at any time to ensure they are in step with the child’s progress
F. Effective Assessment of Progress: The key to learning is assessment. Learning is an ongoing process, and constant evaluation makes training programs more effective. LMS provides effective feedback mechanisms for teachers, allowing them to measure their lesson plans’ effectiveness and make adjustments as necessary. These include features like lesson goals, student progress reports, and more.
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